Brazil Test Section – photos from Fritz

Fritz has proven to be the unofficial photographer of  car no 6.   Here is another amazing gallery of their travels through Brazil.  Most are during the test section.

Last day in Brazil!

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Well, we had an eventful day today. We were up and on the road by 6:30 in a light rain. We had 600 km to drive.

About 100 km were on dirt road. The first 50 k were very wet and sloppy. It felt liked we were driving on ice. The roads were very similar to IA B roads, just with dark red dirt instead of old IA clay.

A truck passed us on one of those roads going the opposite direction and splashed/drowned us with red muddy water! Pretty funny. Later I couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t see out the back window of the car and then I realized the inside of the window was covered with mud!

We managed to run out of gas twice. Each time less than 5 km from a gas station. Continue reading

The Brazilian Breadbasket

Agriculture in Brazil.

A John Deere combine harvests soybeans just up the road from green fields.

We are traveling through what must be Brazil’s breadbasket.  What we have seen the last couple days is just amazing.

As folks from the Midwest we pay attention to news reports about agriculture in Brazil and how it affects our agricultural economy in the US.  However,  until you see the fields and crops here, it is not easy to really understand what the fuss is all about.

The climate is subtropical in this part of Brazil.  In one area we drove for hundreds of miles seeing nothing but soybeans.  What was really stunning about it was all the different stages of maturity.  In one field they  would  be planting… in another the beans would be just popping out of the ground… in another the beans were full green… in another they were yellow… in another they were brown… and they were harvesting in another field!  We had the feeling the growing season was year round.  It was an amazing sight. Continue reading

Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls

The Iguassu Falls are the largest by water volume and longest by overall length in the world.

We took a boat trip that went very very close to the falls.  We all got soaked. In fact, you can see boats like ours on the river.

The falls are the largest by water volume and longest by overall length in the world.  They are at the intersection of a Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.

The falls were very high today because Continue reading

Day 2 – photos from Fritz

Drove 8 hours today.  All went well.